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Which Group Type Are You?

Elementary Fundraising

Better fundraising with our “PERFECT 10” program!

Middle School Fundraising

A fundraiser for “Tweeners” that mixes fun & technology!

High School Fundraising

One hour fundraiser to maximize your profits!

Group + Team Fundraising

Our PowerHour Fundraiser is the quickest, easiest way to your goal!

The Newest School Fundraising Ideas for Every Group Size and Type!

URAISE is built for every group age, size or type. Whether you’re a fundraising pro, or this is your first year, we have a program built specifically for you. Our decades of industry experience (both as parents and owners) has given us the knowledge to build the perfect fundraiser for you. Our Perfect Ten school fundraiser boosts participation by making it easy for students and parents to register online and promote their sale by email, text and social media. URAISE’s PowerHour fundraiser helps team sports, school bands, and other groups reach their goal in one hour.

Both fundraising programs are extremely easy to setup and require no money collection, parent volunteers, product handling or back-orders.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s because we’re the first school fundraising company to do it this way. As technology evolves, we believe your fundraiser should as well. Welcome to URAISE.

Tell us about your group and we’ll be happy to discuss our easy fundraising programs with you.

URAISE – Fundraising for the Modern Age