60 Minutes to Reach Your Financial Goals

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Simplified Goals for Maximum Success!

Coaches and directors love our simple, “PowerHour” Fundraising Program. We provide teams and groups with personalized videos, emails, texts and online web stores that grap your fanbases (family and friend’s) attention and engage them to help support your season. This program is done quickly and was built to help you reach your goal, while keeping your attention focused on your practice, game, recital or competition.

During your PowerHour fundraiser, participants will call, text, email and utilize their social media platforms to their potential supporters to take their cookie orders. All you need is a phone, iPad, tablet and the URAISE website we set up for you. Money collection and paperwork is done directly online, is effortless and the cookies are shipped directly to your sponsors! Our PowerHour Playbook maps out the different ways to engage the power of friendly team competition to inspire your players to out-sell each other…all the while maximizing your profit potential

URAISE PowerHour Fundraising

Surpass Your Goal in 60 Minutes – Start to Finish!

Here is a sampling of the profit you can expect:
25 players/students sell 20 boxes each = $4,000
50 players/students sell 30 boxes each = $12,000
100 players/students sell 15 boxes each = $12,000
250 players/students sell 15 boxes each =$30,000

Pre-Baked Mini’s Cookies – Cookies Shipped Directly to Home!

The original Classic Cookie recipe in bite-sized bundles of pure flavor! Made with the freshest, all natural ingredients, your sponsors will thank you while they donate to your cause, and ask for more cookies. Real butter and real chocolate are baked to crispy perfection – ready to eat! 14 oz. packages contain about 100 cookies each!

chocolate chip hershey's fundraising cookie product

Chocolate Chip w/ HERSHEY’S

double chocolate chip hershey's cookies fundraising cookie product

Double Chocolate Chip w/ HERSHEY’S

toffee chocolate chip fundraising cookie product

Toffee Chocolate Chip w/ HEATH

white chocolate macadamia fundraising cookie product

White Chocolate Macadamia

Reese's fundraising cookie product

Peanut Butter w/ REESE’S PIECES

butterscotch pecan fundraising cookie product

Butterscotch Pecan

We’ve Eliminated Everything You Hate About Your Current Fundraiser. URAISE is the Way to Make it Fun Again!