Here’s a collection of questions asked by valued customers.

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Why is URAISE the future of fundraising?

Simple, technology. We promote your fundraiser directly to your patron’s computers, tablets or mobile devices. We’ve eliminated the hassles of order forms, money collection, product delivery and back-orders. After a quick registration process, you’ll have the tools to share you fundraiser automatically via emails, mobile texts and even your social media avenue of choice. Your patrons can purchase goods directly online using their computer, tablet or mobile device. Your student/participant gets their own, private and secure, web store where you can track their sales totals, and communicate directly with your patrons.

What do I need to get started?

That’s easy, a group and a GOAL! Once you identify what your fundraising goal will be, we’ll match the perfect program to suit your group type and size. The information we’ll start with is: Group Size, Age Range, Start/End Dates, Previous Fundraising Experience and Sponsor/Contact Person. Most of our materials will be shared with you online so there’s no worrying about missing or losing something along the way.

What level of support will I receive during my fundraising program?

Once registered, you’ll have 24/7 access to all of the marketing materials you need to promote your program to your family and friends. Our friendly URAISE team members are available by phone during regular working hours and we check our emails pretty much 24/7. (Yes, we’ve designed our support system to be run from mobile devices as well – giving us continuous access to your needs.)

When is the best time of year to run my fundraiser?

Think about the “early bird” saying. Your organization is usually surrounded by others needing fundraising as well. It’s always best to get your group selling early, before family and friends start supporting other fundraising programs. Our programs work for fall, winter or spring fundraising seasons and we offer many different product options to keep it fresh from season to season. Call us and let us know your yearly plans, we’ll keep them fresh, fun and easy from season to season.

How long does a URAISE program last?

That all depends on your group type.

Elementary Schools – our “Perfect 10” program is 10 days long and includes checkpoints and easy goals along the way.

Middle Schools – you can choose our “Perfect 10” program, or create a hybrid version of our shorter, more focused fundraisers.

High Schools – this is where we start to kick our technology into high gear. Shorter duration with more exposure. We can work with any time frame you prefer, but our experience tells us that the “fast and focused” method works best for this age group – including our PowerHour.

Groups & Team Sports – Fast, focused and extremely effective. Our PowerHour program helps you raise more money than ever before, in 60 minutes start to finish. Custom video promotion, emails and a 60-minute window lets your family and friends know what, when, how and why – and gets them excited to support your upcoming season.

How do we receive our money?

Immediately after your program ends, we’ll create an statement for you to review and issue you a check. There’s no waiting period for money to come in because it was all collected at the time of sale. Your funds are held in a bank-protected escrow account and your earnings are yours to use immediately.

Do I need a kick-off event?

This is entirely up to you. Although our home office is based in Ohio, we have several URAISE team members throughout the United States to help you get your program off the ground. However, most of our organizations choose to bypass this assembly kick-off due to the amount of direct marketing materials we provide. Our custom videos, emails and texts are like hosting your very own kick-off right on your patron’s computer or cell phone – without having to interrupt the school day or practice time. Our PowerHour program even features your team’s own fundraising video – showcasing your own players announcing to the world the upcoming season and goals, while asking for financial support.

How long does it take to register a student?

Unless you still have AOL dial-up internet (insert modem noise here), it shouldn’t take you more than three to five minutes. For minors, the parents provide their email, mobile number and a link to share on their facebook/twitter accounts, along with their minor’s name and photo. We provide an introductory message for each of these delivery methods, and parents have the choice (and are encouraged) to personalize their messages further. Once all is done, your materials are emailed and texted to you to forward and share, while your online web store is created automatically.

How can my "out of town" family participate?

This used to be an issue with the old, traditional way of fundraising. With URAISE, out of town family can participate exactly the same as the in-towners do. All orders are taken online and products are delivered to their door. Tracking is provided and you, the parent or sponsor, can monitor the sale status in real time.