• Raising Funds Smarter, Not Harder

    The world went mobile – leaving traditional fundraisers in the dust. URAISE offers fundraising programs built solely around mobile technology and how to make it work for you.

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The Newest Fundraising Technology and How You Will Exceed Your Goals Using It.

Catalogs? Order forms? Envelopes? NO, THANK YOU.  Here at URAISE, we don’t care about those things. They get lost on the way home and clutter up your countertops. That’s why we’ve designed our programs to exist where the rest of the 21st century does, online. Without getting too far into details, here’s how we get around the printed-paper approach.

Personalized Seller Websites
Each participant will can register for, and customize their very own seller web page to share with family, friends and even on their social media account of choice. A photo or video of the participant can easily be uploaded (from mobile phone) and a custom message to your patrons can be keyed in. (This page works even if you don’t upload a photo or custom message – just use our default message.) From this page, you can monitor your sales, take orders over the phone, check your prize-level status and share via email, text or social media. This page is setup usually under 5 minutes – and sometimes can be setup by students during your kickoff event. (If you choose to have one.)

Responsive Design
We make sure our materials, including your seller website, is compatible with all mobile devices. It’ll look good on anything newer than your Grandpa’s flip phone. He’s on his own there – which we know he prefers anyway.

Mobile Platforms + Easy Checkout
Your patrons can browse, shop, pay and designate shipping all from our mobile-ready shopping cart. Email receipts and notifications are sent immediately after checkout.

Product and Order Support
Since your patrons are able to checkout directly online, we can monitor their sale and walk them through any issues they may encounter. In the rare instance that a product is missing or broken, they’ll have a direct line to contact us so we can make it right. No need for a middle man to coordinate communication – which used to be you before URAISE.

Team or Group Video Production
The backbone of our team or group fundraising programs rely on innovative videos to share with your patrons. We’ve designed a video template for every type of group and will send you a script to record and return to us. Using your mobile phone, your entire team, or a few team captains, record the short scripts and send back to us. Your dedicated URAISE Team-Techie will built your clips into our templates giving you an academy award winning video that you can share with your patrons. This personal video message will not only blow the minds of your family and friends, but it will open their wallets like never before.

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Family/Friends Shop Directly Online.
You can track your sales and contact your group 24/7.

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Last Minute Prom Fundraiser?
Don’t worry, our Team-Techies are most likely home at their computer to help.