10 Emails. 10 Texts. 10 Phone Calls. 10 Products Sold Per Student!

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Simple Fundraising Goals for Maximum Success!

Our simple, “PERFECT TEN” Fundraising Program will change how you feel about school fundraising. Kids earn incentives by sending 10 emails, 10 texts, making 10 phone calls and selling 10 items. This program is laid out in easy-to-achieve step for both you and your young sellers. As far as simple fundraisers go, it’s a PERFECT “10!”

Students register online in less than 5 minutes and receive personalized email and text templates to forward/send to their family and friends. These emails and texts point family and friends directly to their student’s online fundraising store and allow for credit card payment and ship to home delivery.

As a fundraising sponsor, you can track student participation, total school sales and communicate directly through your fundraising store. We provide you with an easy fold-over sheet that contains all the sponsor and student materials you need, and a student kick-off video that you can share with your group. No bulky catalogs, stuffed envelopes or long assemblies required.

The PERFECT TEN fundraising program by URAISE is the easiest way to support your school, giving you the video, mobile texts, and online fundraising tools to make shopping/sharing EASY and SUCCESSFUL! We offer over 500 online products and guarantee each and every one!

Find out why our PTO/PTA sponsor feel like they are VIP’s with our program! FUNDRAISING SIMPLIFIED.

Easy, Achievable Goals. Simple Fundraising Program.

Surpass Your Goal in Only 10 Days – Start to Finish!

Eliminate Everything You Dislike About Your Current Fundraiser. URAISE is the Way to Make it Simple and Fun!